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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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both cases have them investigating into the possible case of human trafficking and forced labor. >> what's going to happen to all the fruit. >> video shared exclusively with ktvu show sheriff's deputies shutting down a fruit stand earlier this month. a woman appears to be in the back seat of the patrol car. >> i was just trying to buy the fruit off of them because i knew it was going to take it away. >> the lady is harmless. she doesn't bother anyone and i buy fruit from her. knowing he is getting hauled off from the cops caused me to take a picture. >> they seem to come in with the panel truck. they drop the -- the produce is dropped off. they are dropped off and they stay until they basically sell everything. >> so wade kelly with the
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sheriff's department, say they repeatedly asked her to leaf. he refused several times and appeared to be scared. >> makes us suspicious that he probably feared the person she was working for more than she feared being arrestrd arrested by law enforcement. >> they are now investigating whether she and other vendors are being exploited and possibly trafficked. aguilar was arrested the same day about an hour earlier on the opposite end of san lorenzo. they may know each other and they were each wearing immigration and customs ankle monitor. >> is that a threat of forced labor for fear of real lacing or being or turned into authorities? >> my daughters buy from them. the fruit is excellent. they are nice. they are nice people.
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>> reporter: the sheriff's office say they are working on providing information and resources to the vendors. they have also contacted the human trafficking and investigations unit to help with this case. julie? >> cristina thank you. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement say they have investigated 188 people in a 5-day raid in the los angeles area. 90% have prior convictions, mostly for drug crimes. majority from mexico. the arrest included 29-year-old salvador national, who had been deported in 2013 after serving a prison term. >> for individuals that are not committing crimes that are out there trying to be productive members of society, you know, there is a highly unlikely we are going to come into contact with you. but if you are illegal, and you commit a crime, we are going to find out. >> reporter: ice agents say they do
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these sweeps every year and have little to do with the trump's crackdown on undocumented immigrants. news out of stockton where there is a big fire burning at this hour. here is a live picture. there is a large there is a large black plume of smoke and there it is, it can be seen for miles. >> they have told us it is a large pile of wood pallets and embers blown toward homes. two buildings appear to be burning, but it is unclear if they are homes. the fire is said to be located near webber avenue and b street in downtown stockton and there are evacuations underway. needless to say, people are being told to stay away from that area. the fire broke out about 5:15 and you can see it completely out of control right next to the train tracks and across the
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street, that's where another building it looks like has caught fire, presumably from the embers being blown. >> you can see the crews working to get water on that fire. there are some reports we have not confirmed that evacuations are underway. also reports it is threatening several homes in this area. we are working to confirm that. again, burning near east webber avenue and b street in stockton. pallets on fire. reportedly this is a large warehouse. we did see a large number of pallets that caught fire. the black smoke can be seen for miles burning right now in the city of stockton. >> that looks like a house there in the center of the screen, across the street from where it started. if not a house, some type of building, that's not where it started. it started where all those pallets are. and presumably some of the
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embers flew across the street. but you can see it is windy, because it is certain blowing the smoke away from that fire. >> we are working to get more information, but again, more reports that evacuations underway. they have closed streets. as you can see large amount of smoke coming from this fire. there is some white smoke starting to come out. but this live picture in stockton of a large fire started about 5:15 this evening. >> working to get more information. as we do, we will bring it to you. now to a new development in the russia investigation, the washington post reports investigators are focusing on president trump's son-in-law, jerraud kushner into the russian interference. he is an advisor with an office in the white house. sources say the investigation focus on his meetings with the
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russian ambassador and a banker from moscow. telling the post he has volunteered to share what he knows about these meetings. >> administration says it will take defense to the travel ban all the way to the supreme court. the fourth circuit court in virginia upheld an order blocking president trump's executive order to ban travel from six muslim majority countries. 10 judges sided with attorneys that argue the policy illegally targets muslims. president trump rewrote the ban after defeats in lower courts. david levine was on the 4 on 2 and said the court focused on the president's own words. >> going back to when mr. trump called for a ban on all muslims until we can figure out what the heck is going on here. all through there are statements like that over and over again.
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the order itself, the second executive order does point to reasons, but they are pretty hollow. >> the ninth circuit court is also expected to issue a ruling soon in a separate challenge filed in hawaii. new at 6:00, state lawmakers pushing forward with a universal healthcare plan despite funding. they approved legislation today to create a single payer system. it would provide healthcare for every person living in california. that's almost 40 million people. but it would also cost about 400 billion a year, which is triple the amount in the state's general fund. the state senator who authored the legislation says it's a matter of redistributes state funds. >> we are already spending 365 billion already annually, so through the cost savings that we are going to incur through a single payer system, the ones
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actually contributing to the cost of care, we see tremendous savings and we make sure we provide appropriate funding mechanisms to make sure it is going to be sustainable. >> he says he has lifted a variety of strategies to pull that together. it now heads to the floor of the state senate for a vote. >> [indiscernible] bomber at an ariana grande concert in manchester england. continuing to make arrests. the bomb may not have been quite as sophisticated as authorities first thought. >> a royal visit by 90 years old queen elizabeth. dozens remain hospitalized, more than 20 in critical care with glass injuries described as complex and challenging. manchester police carrying out
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more raids, arresting eight people. saying he did not act alone. >> the arrests we have made are significant and initial searches of premises have revealed items that we believe are very important to the investigation. these searches will take several days to complete. >> his older brother were arrested and his other brothers arrested. he confessed to knowledge and said both me and salman belong to isis. >> he says he spent three weeks in germany before flying to the uk. he was spotted at a manchester shopping center buying the bag that he used to carry the bomb that he blew up killing 22. and injurying more than 100.
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a security source tells us it had hydrogen peroxide, suggesting it could have been assembled on a kitchen table. in an interview, the bomber's sister says he is anding ray rbt air strikes in syria, said he saw children dying and wanted revenge. many victims here were children. >> [indiscernible] just like allowing them -- wounded my leg and just like what went outside and like the paramedics outside and just strike syringes. >> some of the victims will require reconstructive surgery. meanwhile the memorial continues to grow. a group of paramedics came by to pay their respects and the crowd
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applauded them. in manchester. coming up, a growing problem in oakland. and there is a lot of clouds out there. fog, but is so thick, but it is low clouds. cool day for friday. talk about the weekend when we return. >> and a long time bta employee hit and killed by a bus just moments after a bus. tonight his widow tells 2 investigates she hasn't heard anything from the transit agency and she wants some answers. >> i have been kept -- i don't know anything. i need to know why and what happened
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i'm surprised that, you know, a lot of cameras not working where they should have been. >> 2 investigates with an exclusive interview. tonight we hear from the wife of a retired bta employee, struck and billed by the bus he was
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just riding. reporting on that deadly incident and another incident last night at 10:00. questions of her own for the transit agency. and candice is here with her story. >> yeah, frank anding julie. she has three questions for vta, why have they never reached out to her. why are the cameras not working and what are they doing to make sure this never happens again. >> it has been two months since his death and she is still waiting for answers. >> i have been kept in the dark. i don't know anything. i want to know why and what happened. >> his body was found on north 1st street and hawthorne way, believed to be ran over by the vta bus he was just son. operating from the same agency
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he retired just months earlier. >> vta never contacted me. no condolences, nothing. >> she got a knock on the door. >> i'm from the [indiscernible] office and they tell me they think it's my husband. >> days, weeks later still nothing from vta. mary's attorney say the video was not working. this leaked first by the news alert, about the death and offering grief counselors. >> they never offer any condo lances or any kind of, you know -- >> grief counseling. >> grief counseling. never say anything to me. >> reporter: 2 investigates talked about other vta accidents including a couple ran over while boarding.
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vta confirmed since 2013 there have been 66 incidents involving their buses and pedestrians. 22 resulted in injuries, there have been three deaths. we tried to get answers from vta leaderships for that story. >> we want to ask about training and retraining. >> there is an issue about buses not pulling up to the curb and elderly passengers falling. >> no. >> why wasn't the public made aware of this? >> what are we supposed to do? take out an ad in the newspaper? >> do you think these accidents are something the public should know about? >> yes, they should. why do they keep it -- why don't they want to tell people? they don't even tell me. >> reporter: mary only has memories of her husband. ifvta was family to bennie, what
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was him to them? >> reporter: the driver is on administrative leave. we asked about the cameras and why they haven't reached out to mary. their response to us is they don't talk about pending investigationsings. >> we just want to check on how you are doing. are you okay? >> we asked about that. they said we don't comment on litigation or potential litigation. she said she has been asking about that, she has that same question and has not got an answer. >> she had tried reaching out, but they don't respond back. >> she said she has never been reached out. the only person she has had contact with is the coroner's
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office. >> oh, to her hear talk about him. >> they haven't offered her any grief counseling. >> sort of the irony that the vta staff got this memo about sending condolences to the family of bennie and grief counseling, but she has never gotten the call. so wondering why did they get that, but i don't get a call. just pointing that out because she hasn't gotten answers. >> thank you. if you have a tip for our 2 investigates team, e-mail to 2 investigates at new tonight police in san jose released video of two suspects wanted in a stabbing of a football player chad miller. miller was with a group of friends near street when a fight broke out. the suspects were armed with a knife. police say one of them stabbed miller. police are asking for the public's help in identifying
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them. miller is expected to recover from his injury. at the port of oakland, operations have reportedly just resumed after being suspended for several hours at one of the largest terminals. authorities say nooses have been found on the property in recent weeks, sparking long shore man to walk off the job. it happened at the oakland international container terminal and caused container trucks to be backed up on the port and interstate 80. the backup has now decreased. curve ball, go back to that stockton, we got sky tracker out there. there it is, erin. i was tracking the winds. blowing 18 to 28 mire. those pallets went up, but when you pull back, you can see how close in the neighborhoods this fire was. it was very large. they are letting it burn out.
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you can see this here. basically wooden pallets give out a lot of smoke. you get a lot of black smoke, so it is windy, but not as windy as it could be. we are teen keeping an eye on that -- keeping an eye on that. that boxcar caught fire. you can see smoke coming out of that. so, yeah, some of the actual rail cars taking a hit there. we will have more on this in a little bit. we had the live chopper up and a lot of people fighting this thing. a lot of black smoke. those pallets, they do treat them with stuff. here you got a roof fire developing, you know, more than a roof fire. definite lib -- he's got -- looks like he has a composite roof there. >> we have seen one home go up. >> yeah. >> trees on fire and looks like the tree is on fire, bill. >> maybe it's the tree.
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because that composite roof. those composite roofs, if that was a shake roof it would be exploding. but that's the tree, you are right, frank. but with a big wind like that, you can see how dangerous that would be in a neighborhood if it was a little drier or hotter. but you can see the wind blowing. it ameres they have endured the worse -- appears they have endured the worst of the burn. but these roofs don't seem to be catching fire. that's why it's great they have composite roofs. temperatures today took a drop. temperatures in stockton just in the mid-70s, which is below average. as we head toward the next day, friday, tomorrow, trend trending down, cooler for the weekend. >> a mother and her boyfriend on trial for murder three years after the death of a 3-year-old
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girl in napa. warriors return to practice after a couple days of rest. we asked if steve cush will be coming back. new at 6:30, word of a possible settlement offer to the city of oakland at the center of this case.
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an update now in the case of a missings man in striks. police say they have found the car of a person of interest in
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the disappearance of sethai. police have been looking for a family friend of his named bob tang. his wife planned to help tang the day. his car is found at fso. they think he may have fled to am bode yea. they have worked with the fbi about tracking him overseas. and beat egg death of a 3-year-old girl, a murder trial for the girl's mother and boyfriend is coming to a close. henry was in court. >> this is kaylee, a little girl who loved to ride her hello kitty bike. but now she is dead as a resulted of abuse and torture by
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her mother krueger and her boyfriend, warner. the couple has been charged with murder with a special circumstance of torture, as well as assault. some jurors wept as they showed kaylee covered in bruises, none in the same place. at first her mother doteded on her, but things changed for the worse after krueger began dating warner. they called him doom. all they wanted to do was get high on meth all the time and that meant kaylee "sank to the bottom of their list." neighbors saw her quiet and covered with bruises. they found kaylee's body posed like a doll in her bed. she was cold. the couple put her in a freezer at one point like a piece of meat. she died of blunt force trauma from being stomp and punched.
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they told jurors, what could she have done? nothing. what was her crime? she was 3. tonight at 6:30 is next with the city of oakland addressing a growing problem. >> the homeless account confirm what every oaklander knows, which homelessness has been expanded exponentially. and cleaning up homeless encampments. >> also a college professor under arrest, accused of this assault at a donald trump -- >> and now next at 6:30. a
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now to today's top stories, a federal appeals court in virginia dealt a blow today to the trump administration. the 4th circuit court blocked president trump's updated executive order meant to ban travel from 6 muslim majority countries. following that decision, u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says the trump administration will appeal the decision to the u.s. supreme court. president trump's son-in- law jared kushner is apparently a pe


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